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” If nothing else, that will at least put him on notice that the next time he’s thinking you’re AWOL, you’re likely not — and that he will get pushback from you if he keeps doing this.

And if you hear him implying this about someone else, you could say, “Jane is so conscientious, it seems weird that she wouldn’t have sent a message if she was going to be out.

I have epilepsy that makes me have seizures in my sleep.

Once, he acted like someone on our team no called, no showed (he sent an email to the team saying “I guess Joan won’t be here today? He then gave Joan the cold shoulder for days after (saying hi to me and not her when she was next to me, etc.) Recently, I got very sick and contacted him to tell him I’d be out. Yesterday I emailed him to say I needed to leave early, because I threw up at my desk, and asked if I could work from home (he was working off site). I wonder if they could be going to your spam folder?

What’s weirdest here is that your boss’s boss is on board with trying to get you to pay this.

One loon is not terribly unusual, as I’ve learned from nearly 10 years of writing this site, but two who are loony in precisely the same bizarre way is pretty surprising.

I’d never take sick time without alerting you, and I’ve gotten the sense you might be concerned that I am.

Can we figure out what’s happening to the messages I’ve sent?

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