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I have a free profile on but it seems like 99% of the people don't use their profile and since I made my profile a month back, I hadn't got a message.

This leads me to believe hardly anyone in my area uses paid dating sites.

If you want to actually send an email, you have to pay up.

Sounds so ridiculous, maybe if the girl is a minor, but even then I wouldn't think anything could happen unless sexual proposition made. But often people are less friendly and less trusting in more cosmopolitan area even if the numerical odds are greater. The internet is the best way to go if a person is relatively sharp and alert.

my 3 aunts all found themselves single -- 2 husbands left and one husband died. I have not signed up as I don't know enough about it.

These women were independently well off enough to not work, they looked good, were all about 5o years old. I searched for a friend's name and he came up on this app Cool--- especially since he said he is significant to the British MIA and cant be on internet searches!

When I joined up by choice a couple of other times, the same thing happened, email notification the day after my membership expired. Dating sites are like bars, or schools, or any other venue for mate-hunting. You do know, that you can open and retain membership in as man sites as you want, you really don't need to care which is "the best" for cupid is free and if you answer their questions...there are all kinds..religion, sex, politics, relationship etc its kinda fun to compare yourself to others. pof tho..forums are the best...finding out all kinds of things... Probably not too many single women on any dating sites in your small region. You can type in your city and find all kinds of social groups with varying interests.

Consider contacting women who live in the bigger cities. I've joined a few groups and have met some good friends because of it.

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When I actually was actively dating, I had better luck with okcupid ( I deleted my profile off there 5 months ago, because went through a breakup.

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