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For more information read Michele Leroux-Bustamante's Inside IIS & ASP. For a more detailed look at HTTP handlers, which are the endpoints of the ASP. NET Web pages, as you know, are made up of both an HTML portion and a code portion, with the HTML portion containing HTML markup and Web control syntax. NET engine converts the HTML portion from its free-form text representation into a series of programmatically-created Web controls. NET Web page is visited for the first time after a change has been made to the HTML markup or Web control syntax in the page, the ASP. NET Web page's HTML portion is translated to Literal controls. NET server controls can have a parent control, along with a variable number of child controls. Web controls can also be nested inside one another. NET Web pages contain a single server-side Web Form, with multiple Web controls inside the Web Form. Those Web controls inside the Web Form are children of the Web Form. \r\n")); Text Box Text Box1 = new Text Box(); Text Box1. To help clarify things, let's look at a simple example. NET is that the Web controls in a Web Form remember their values across postback.

NET pipeline, check out my previous article on HTTP Handlers. NET Web page is requested it goes through these same life cycle stages (shown in Figure 2). Events in the Page Life Cycle The life cycle of the ASP. Since server controls can have children, and each of their children may have children, and so on, a control and its descendents form a tree of controls. Those last few paragraphs may have been a bit confusing, as this is not the easiest subject to discuss or digest. That is, if you have a Text Box Web control on a page and the user enters some value into the Text Box and posts back the page, the Text Box's .

As of this writing, the toolkit version is Version 1.0.20229 (if you are targeting Framework 2.0, ASP.

NET AJAX 1.0 and Visual Studio 2005) and Version 3.0.20229 (if targeting . If you want to popup a Calendar on the click of a button, you can use set the Popup Button ID of the Calendar Extender to the ID of the button.

To avoid the postback, use a HTML Image Control instead of the Server side Image Control as shown below: In case you are clicking on the textbox to open the calendar, then in earlier versions of the toolkit, the calendar would not hide automatically when the user clicked anywhere outside the Calendar control. In fact, in the latest version, the Calendar hides automatically when a date is selected.

The user can then set a date by clicking on a day, navigate months by clicking on the left and right arrow and perform other such actions without a postback.

In this article, we will see some tips and tricks that can be applied to a Calendar Extender control. NET AJAX control that is associated with a Text Box control.

This tip was shared by one of the Microsoft® support person at the forums.

There could be instances where you do not want the user to select a day earlier than the current date.

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