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Petition on behalf of Theodore Green, Brattleboro, Vt., for appt. Senator Dudley Chase and Congressman Horatio Seymour, c. "..think that by schooling him the publick patronage will not only be made conslusive to the publick benefit but productive of much private good." (Green's naval career spanned 45 years, retiring with the rank of rear admiral in 1876.) To her son, Lony [Alonzo] Griswold [Idaho]. concerning the manufacture of starch from potatoes.

Account of a visit made to Vergennes, Vt., trip on a boat - a new stove - the carpet "Elizabeth" is making - purchase of a pair of snuffers and tray. 1 in Highgate, Vt." Lot now occupied by Frank Root who operates a small tobacco lot there.

Sergeant Aldrich, returning to the front from parole after being exchanged early in 1864, briefly described conditions on Bedloe's Island in New York Harbor and the voyage to Washington. Beck's study of the Constitution, July 29, 1925; to F. The account allowed by the commissioners of the estate Daniel Littlefield and B. 1, April 29, 1890; with holograph draft of supplement to the same published article, "The Rocks of Fort Cassin & Vicinity," by Robert P. C.; published in Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, v. Acknowledges receipt of Williams' letter, has talked with [Ira] Allen to try to set up a time when the three of them can get together to talk about material for Williams' in-progress History of Vermont; it is necessary that they meet before the History is completed; he might summon the Council to convene at Rutland, Williams' home city. Account of Clark's service in American forces during Revolution; starts in Northhampton, Ma. 1776; March 1776 joined expedition to Canada, besieged Quebec; returned to Ticonderoga in July 1776 and mustered out in very bad health in October; poor health contiuned to September 1777; with typescript and photostat of journal. Clary (from Georgia, VT) describes his first days as a private in the 9th Vermont Regiment; unsure of where regiment will go; wants to be sure family gets his enlistment bounites.

Howard, and their business and family relationships; also much about his problems with Mrs.

Career as a businessman in New York City from 1830-1864; detailed narrative of his experiences as the owner and manager of several hotels, his setbacks and bankruptcies in the late 1830's, and his gradual amassing of a large fortune; considerable materal concerning his borther, John P. Reminiscences about life in Burlington, and travels to Europe in the period ca. Sue Howard was a physician, but she hardly mentions her medical career.

together with an account of his life at Fort Stevens, D. ALS from Woodbridge to Lanman, 1863, supplying autobiographical material for Lanman's Biographical Dictionary of the U.

An account of his illness, and hospitalization in different military hospitals.; 3.) 1865 Feb. One exhibit with Spanish captions will travel to Honduras as part of the Partners of the Americans Vermont/Honduras program.

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Discusses Massachusetts' claim to New Hampshire Grants, controversy over jurisdiction and Vermont's claims to independence; details his own efforts promoting Massachusetts' claim.

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  2. Speculation concerning the plays’ origin, though not explaining the source of using the wagons as stages at fixed locations, at the present seems to favor what has been dubbed the “big bang” theory. It is, nevertheless, difficult to see the hand of the Corporation solely responsible for bringing the pageants into being ex nihilo.