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It was also revealed that he has been trawling through internet dating sites looking for single mums.This wasn’t just a ‘one off’ hiccup though, Venables had also been arrested in 2008 for affray following a drunken street fight and for the possession of cocaine.We know these images are accurate of Jon Venables, as people have received visits from the police and had legal action taken against them for sharing these images with the public.The source who leaked these to us is not only highly credible but these images have been confirmed by known associates of Venables.Each time the police issue this murdering paedophile with a new identity, it costs the British taxpayer £250,000.As the owner of Free & Fearless I risk legal action for publishing these images, I am prepared to go to prison and face prosecution, my servers are located offshore so it will prove difficult for the government to get these images offline so no doubt they will punish me with the full extent/force of the law.He has been given chance after chance by the justice system to turn over a new leaf and live like a normal citizen.He has laughed in the face of the public and has a total disregard for his victims and James’ family.

The same can not be said for his pal, Jon Venables.

It has also been revealed that Venables has had a string of relationships with young girls around the age of seventeen.

Early in his release, he was in a relationship with a young woman who had a five-year-old child, however, it isn’t clear if his offending, relating to child pornography, was taking place during this time.

A total disregard for the legal system and the hundreds of thousands of pounds, of British taxpayers money, that those new identities have cost.

It’s with little doubt that it’s through his own ‘boasting’ of his true identity that these pictures of him entered into the public domain.

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It won’t be the first time I’ve had run-ins with the police for trying to expose dangerous paedophiles like Venables, I am prepared to go to prison or even die if it means I’m doing the right thing.

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