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For young women right now, we work crazy hours, and we’re busy, and we’re exhausted, and we’re also motived and ambitious.

And, sometimes, we just want to go home and get in our pajamas and sit on the couch and do work from our laptops while eating take-out.

However, there’s a higher percentage of men on Tinder looking for something casual, and you’re likely to get a lot of gross messages. Plus, women are forced to write the first message, so you’ll spend less effort writing girls who aren’t into you.

Some are punny, some are creepy (unsolicited dick pic, anyone?

To my knowledge, there is nothing taking place that someone would be surfacing [in your queue] that would never swipe on you.

Insecticides could be developed that kill pests without harming beneficial insects such as bees, according to a new study.

Now, women are expected to be equal to men in so many capacities—financially, career-wise, in education—yet the one disconnect was, and is, with relationships.

I always found it bizarre or strange that there was this unwritten set of rules around how a woman could interact with a man, in terms of starting a conversation.

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