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P., Ayane, G., Keeley, L., Matsididi, M., Mekonnen, G., Nhlapo, M. S., Hettlage, C., O’Donoghue, D., Potter, S., Kniazev, A., Kotze, P., Romero-Colmenero, E., Vaisanen, P., … J., Brink, J., Browne, K., Wiid, E., Lochner, W., Nelson, G. Kotze, Marissa M & 2 other authors from 3 insistitutions, 2017. Sp Up NIC (Spectrograph Upgrade: Newly Improved Cassegrain) on the South African Astronomical Observatory’s 74-inch telescope. B., Daniels, A., Evans, G., Fourie, P., Gilbank, D. B., Sass, C., Sickafoose, A., Stoffels, J Swanevelder, P., Titus, K., Van Gend, C., Visser, M., Worters, H., 2016. This cookie stores just a session ID; no other information is captured.Accepting the NEJM cookie is necessary to use the website. L., Worters, H., Whittal, H., Cloete, J., Fourie, P., 2013. Resolving the Southern African Large Telescope’s image quality problems.

Rapid photometric and spectroscopic evolution of the young planetary nebula Hen 3-1357 and its central star SAO 244567.

Commissioning MOS and Fabry-Perot modes for the Robert Stobie spectrograph on the Southern African Large Telescope.

Tracking progress: monitoring observing statistics and telescope usage at the Southern African Large Telescope.

A radial velocity survey for post-common-envelope Wolf-Rayet central stars of planetary nebulae:first results and discovery of the close binary nucleus of NGC 5189.

H., Romero-Colmenero, E.,|Vaisanen, P., Maartens, D.

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