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Any talk of making changes in the relationship were always centered around me changing something.

If someone you love is being abused, it can be so difficult to know what to do.He’d start an argument just to start one – usually based on his own stated false premise. When he talked about his ex-wife, the problem was always her. He humiliated me publicly countless times — but then stated that once we separated and ended our relationship – he was concerned that I would humiliate him or “” in front of people – even though I had never done that to him. To Dan (and to most narcissists), other people are trashcans they deposit all of their own personality problems into. Years out, I have to say that Dan is a quite disturbed man who hides it well in public, but who is truly a monster in private.During the last 2 years of Hell with him, it was made very clear to me that Dan didn’t give one whit what he did or said to me or how much it hurt. He had become one of the truly nastiest people I’ve ever known. I am relieved that the pain and stress he caused me is no longer a part of my life.Your instinct may be to “save” them from the relationship, but it’s not that easy.After all, there are many reasons why people stay in abusive relationships, and leaving can be a very dangerous time for a victim.

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This can be resolved in a more balanced manner but it requires significant effort and commitment from both. This is because when we went to a counselor about our problems, she saw right into and through his abuse and almost immediately (within a few sessions) targeted that as the problem.

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