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My clients range from businesses and leaders, to couples and individuals.

I connect you with you, so you can GET ROOTED, GO DEEP, BREAK THROUGH, and ultimately connect better with others. I’m a Human Connection Specialist – an emotional translator, writer, speaker and coach.

From struggling with commitment issues and feelings of inadequacy, to dealing with break ups and divorce, we all trip up and need a bit of guidance at times. As your relationship coach I can be your guru, supporter, challenger, and motivator.

I’ll give you the push to get going, and the tools to keep you on track.

But since he works mostly with men, he feels out of sorts approaching women and never knows what to say when a gal somehow stumbles into his space. He's had a few relationships that didn't work out, and he yearns for a woman who isn't totally crazy and who'll accept him for who he is.

He usually fumbles the ball and ends up feeling like a fool. He wants that gut-punch-butterfly-feeling-soul-connection with a woman who he to spend the rest of his life with. So, what does John do to fix his solo situation and mend his longing heart? 😉 * Audience cheers for John**Can you relate to John's story? Well, I'm Wingmam, and I help single guys just like John (you) rewrite their love script!

With over five years of experience as a relationship coach, I have worked with clients both locally and globally.

A druid hands a set of life’s instructions, carved on clay tablets, to his apprentice.While my expertise are in dating, marriage, breakups and divorce, I like to keep up-to-date with the latest research on relationships and clinical counselling.I am a member of Love Learnings, and I regularly write articles on these topics, which I contribute to various publications and post on , but when I was young I had this crazy idea that love was some super-natural force that only few would encounter.I had always thought of myself as being an accomplished communicator.I won almost every sales contest I entered, I moved rapidly up the corporate ladder…

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