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The town was surveyed at this time and the first sales of building allotments were held that year. Miners rushed to the new field, using the site of Rockhampton on the Fitzroy River as the nearest navigable port.The Canoona field proved to be very disappointing and thousands of would-be gold seekers were left stranded at Rockhampton.The historic streetscape of Quay Street still displays a number of substantial historic buildings, built when Rockhampton was envisaged as being capital of a state of North Queensland.Most prominent of these is the sandstone Customs House (1900), which today houses an information centre.Rockhampton hosts a significant number of governmental, community and major business administrative offices for the central, coastal part of the state.Rockhampton experiences over 300 days of sunshine each year, which lends itself to tourism activities all year round and an abundance of outdoor activities.The following month, the wharf caught fire and the line was effectively closed in July 1930. The significant gold deposit at Mount Morgan to the southwest was discovered in the 1880s, and Rockhampton became the main port through which the wealth of Mount Morgan gold was channelled.Due to the wealth of Mount Morgan, Rockhampton weathered the severe economic depression of the 1890s and many of the town's substantial brick and stone public buildings date from this period.

Rockhampton has a north and south side with three bridges connecting both sides, one for trains and two for vehicles and people.Although many returned south, others stayed, adding to the infant town's population.By 1861, the town boasted a regular newspaper, banks, court house and School of Arts.Direct shipments of imported goods and migrants from the United Kingdom began to be received during the 1860s.During the 1860s and 1870s Rockhampton developed as the main port for the developing Central Queensland hinterland; the main export at that time being wool.

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