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That is why it is important for people who are at-risk for HIV to get tested on a regular basis.If they do get HIV, it will be diagnosed early and they can benefit the most from HIV treatments.The immune system has been weakened to the point where the person with HIV is more likely to get infections or other illnesses that can be life-threatening.If an HIV infection is left untreated, it is likely that it will eventually lead to the person who has the infection dying from AIDS.For more information on HIV testing, contact Ontario's AIDS and Sexual Health Information Line at: 1-800-668-2437; Toronto: 416-392-2437. HIV can only pass from one person to another during specific activities.

Here, we describe the origins and evolution of these viruses, and the circumstances that led to the AIDS pandemic.

However, one transmission event, involving SIVcpz from chimpanzees in southeastern Cameroon, gave rise to HIV-1 group M—the principal cause of the AIDS pandemic.

We discuss how host restriction factors have shaped the emergence of new SIV zoonoses by imposing adaptive hurdles to cross-species transmission and/or secondary spread.

When people become infected with HIV, they may experience a range of symptoms within about two to four weeks after the infection.

These include a rash on the body, fever, and other flu-like symptoms.

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We also show that AIDS has likely afflicted chimpanzees long before the emergence of HIV.

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