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This policy applies to any individual who is issued an official College identification card, known as the Camel Card.

The College reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice.

A replacement fee will be assessed for a non-functioning Camel Card that is determined to be caused by improper care and handling.

The fee will automatically be assessed to a card holder presenting a non-functioning card that has been tampered with.

If a Camel Card is non-functioning as a result of normal use caused by swiping the card through authorized equipment, the Camel Card Office will replace it at no charge.

The non-functioning card must be surrendered at the time of replacement.

The Camel Card acts as a stored value account, not as a credit card.

No negative balances, cash withdrawals or cash advances are permitted.

Card holders are subject to card terms and conditions.If sufficient funds are not available in a contracted meal or Dining Dollars account to satisfy a transaction, the system will automatically charge the Camel Cash account.Following automatic charging, if an account still does not have sufficient funds to complete the transaction, the remaining balance will need to be paid with cash.At any given time, an individual can only have one active Camel Card.Students shall show their identification card when requested to do so by College officials performing their duties, and who identify themselves and state the reason for their request.

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As this is an identification card, full facial photographs are required.

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