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In fact, when asked how “Odyssey” character, Odelle, is different from Chuck, Friel tells a group of reporters at the 2015 winter TV press tour that the better question is “How are they similar? But she says she’s completely open to revisiting “Pushing Daisies” if they can make it work.

” “[On ‘Pushing Daisies’], every single character had its own task, and with Chuck it was that she was always happy, everything was positive,” says Friel. “[Creator] Bryan Fuller always talks about [a ‘Pushing Daisies’ reunion],” says Friel.

We actually bump into each other all the time — all the time!

Anna will kind of run up and give me a big hug — earlier this week, she did it, and I kind of flinched a little bit, and she kind of jumped back and was like, "Did you just flinch when I gave you a hug?

I don't think about it as risky at all, because I think it's a good show and I think you can't really go wrong if the material is quality because then you'll get a quality director and you'll get good actors to work on it with. One thing that I hear a lot is that people want to hear a kind of mythology about the show — like if there's going to be a way that Ned and Chuck will be able to touch at the end of the show.

It comes from Bryan Fuller, and that's already really good. And my thinking is that this is what separates it from a comic book or a superhero story. Ned is discovering his powers as the audience is, really.

As Ned on Pushing Daisies, Lee Pace plays one of the sweetest characters on television.

I was lucky enough to score a few minutes on the phone with him this week to talk about the second season of Daisies, what's coming up for Ned, and what it's like to be on a show that's so outside the box. With playing Ned, at least, I wanted to pick him up a year after the show had ended [last season].

If you're just walking down the hallway, do you ever brush up against Anna Friel and freak out? But he was able to bring Chuck back to life — I don't know, it's complicated! And if within 60 seconds of resuscitating someone he hasn’t touched them again, sending them back to the hereafter, someone else in close proximity will die instead.It’s a cartoonish conceit (and one that works better on screen than it does in print).Has playing Ned changed how you're perceived at all? I've played a lot of bad characters in my life — not bad, but kind of rough, complicated characters, and Ned is such an adorable, sweet guy that I think people think that's who I am. Lots more from Pace on the mysteries of Ned, the feedback he hears about the show, and what he'd do with Ned's power, so .Ned is also a pretty mysterious character, and we've learned a lot about him through the flashbacks with little Ned and little Chuck.

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