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Cook said Elissa Slotkin, an acting assistant secretary of defense who was on the call, had noted to the Russian officials US concerns that Russian strikes so far had not targeted strongholds of Islamic State militants.

• Russia is preparing both a United Nations resolution purporting to cover both its bombing campaign and that of the US-led anti-Isil coalition under one formulation, and a new round of peace talks.

• A Hizbollah-backed advance would fit the pattern of Russian air-strikes, which have predominantly targeted those rebels not aligned to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant who currently present the gravest threat on the ground to core regime territory.

• The long-term aim would be to defeat or demoralise the non-Isil opposition, so that Isil became the regime’s only enemy.

Reports are coming in that on Thursday morning there were strikes on a former regime air base near the Isil capital Raqqa and on Isil positions near Deir Ezzour city in eastern Syria.

It is not quite clear whether there was any particular tactical purpose to these strikes.

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