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" And then Venus said she had better get back to work. "Hi." I clumsily shoved the envelope into the gap, muttering, "I believe this is yours." To which Venus giggled, "You.... When I woke up from daydreaming, Venus had been trying to pass my receipt to me, and had been holding it at the door slit for a while. Venus: ....lately he doesn't even seem interested in making love to me. I mentally removed that tight clothing and visualised her in her lingerie, taking in every alluring bend of her outline. If the proverbial Venus were a real person, this was as close as she could get.... I shouldn't bore a bright-eyed schoolboy like you with my adult problems. Roving my eyes up, I perceived a matching bra beneath her blue blouse, from the same flowery patterns imprinted on the silky cloth. Venus (winks, sending jolt down my spine): The same boring routine.... They rested snugly on lacy bra, two neatly packed packages of flesh.

you look like a schoolgirl to me, so I won't feel much difference!

The lobby was unusually homey for a commercial unit, and I was curious what the actual office was like.

Then I changed the topic, and asked what her office looked like.

Upon ringing, the door slit opened and suddenly my trip was worthwhile. She asked if I was a full-time courier because I looked 'a little young'. " She gave a lengthy explanation on how her logistics employer operated, and how only a skeleton staff was needed here, because most of the footwork had been outsourced, and her office didn't physically handle the goods they coordinated.

There appeared a gorgeous face: fair, chiselled cheeks; shimming, re-bonded hair; large, iridescent eyes looking right into me. I explained that I was a student doing this for the extra money. Everyone should get some working experience as young as possible. That voice was so crisp and sweet and I wished I could just listen to her all night.

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