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New York State Route 104 runs east/west from Rochester to Oswego.

The nearest city is Fulton, located south of Oswego and north of Syracuse.

During the American Revolution, the British abandoned the Fort, and in 1778, American troops destroyed it. During WWII the Fort was used to house interned persons, mainly Jewish refugees (see the next section, "Safe Haven").

In 1782, the British reoccupied Fort Ontario, and didn't forfeit it to the U. until 1796, thirteen years after the cessation of hostilities in the Revolution. In 1946, the Fort was transferred to the state of New York.

During the Second World War, the new fort was used as a "Safe Haven" (most importantly see Fort Ontario Emergency Refugee Shelter, and also Safe Haven Museum).

In the 1850s, at the height of a popular water-cure movement occurring in the U. A., in turn stimulating growth, Oswego was the home of the Oswego Water Cure establishment, which Stonewall Jackson reportedly visited in August 1850.

Oswego is home to the Port of Oswego and once was a major railroad hub for several major railroads: the New York Central Railroad (NYC), the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad (DL&W), and the New York, Ontario and Western Railway (O&W) railways.

They were placed in Fort Oswego, behind barbed wire, and given no official status, and were told they would be returned to their homelands after the war, and would have no rights as regards entering the United States.

(In fact, due to political pressure, at the war's end they were allowed to stay in the U. A.) and the Oswego Canal, a branch of the Erie Canal, reached the area in 1829. When the city incorporated, its area and population were removed from the figures reported for the towns.

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