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And I am referring to AMOR EN CUSTODIA, produced by Azteca with very high standards. Now Televisa premiered yesterday night (Univisión) yet another remake, AMORES VERDADEROS.The reason why I would like to make clear about the difference between the two TV stations, is because Televisa claims they are the best in the market, and I don't think that is true, they could have been, but since Azteca started producing, they also have a lot of them that are very good, not only speaking about quality, but original stories.See full summary » Angel Salvador known as 'Devil' is a priceless jewel thief who after leaving prison is dedicated to theft even to pay a huge debt, but find love Manuela Davila, his lawyer, who is ...See full summary » Sortilegio centers the life of Alejandro who comes back home after a terrible accident to find that he is married to Maria Jose, a poor and innocent girl who was lied to by Alejandro's ...See full summary » A terrible tragedy puts an end to a group of friends' pleasure voyage.

They show helicopters, luxury and beautiful states out of the city, but that's not all.Only to then be abandoned with her three younger sisters by her father.In order to take care of her sisters, she become a ...Buenfil and Yáñez look tired and there's no chemistry between them. A young girl loses her mother and brother all in one day.

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