Round robin dating brenda song and trace cyrus still dating

Guests have the option to purchase their own drinks and food, tour the unique venue, and meet other like-minded professionals.

Here's an interesting problem that I came up with the other night. Assuming in straight speed dating, the men stay at their tables, the "sitting" men in gay speed dating won't meet one another (nor will the "standing" men).

The activity, which was suggested by board member Debra Timms, who is a CPA with Kessler & Liscia PC in Selden, NY, worked like this: As people arrived for the meeting, they were asked to find someone they didn't know and interview that person, gathering enough information to introduce the person to the group during the round robin.

To make the interviews easy, members were given a piece of paper that contained the interview questions and spaces to write the answers. Everyone enjoyed the networking and had fun introducing the people they had just met.

Are there lesbians in this problem or is this the "Gay male speed dating problem"?

• What we'll do Welcome to the Denver Professional Networking Happy Hour!

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "counting combinations." Also, you need to keep cultural considerations in mind: probably not everyone who reads this will know what speed dating is.

Try to phrase the problem in a more mathematical way.

To keep round robin intros from being dull, try something different.

At a recent meeting of the Greater Middle Country Chamber of Commerce, for instance, members introduced each other instead of introducing themselves during the round robin.

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