Tips for women dating short men

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A dynamic personality and unstoppable confidence can win women over, even if you're shorter than other men.

Work on improving the things you can and you'll see better success in the area of dating.

hi am a 6"1' university student and i am writing a magazine article for an assignment on tall women dating shorter men.

I was hoping people would be able to give me their opinions- if you have ever dated a short man or what they think about the whole situation of dating men shorter.

Most women do not respond and the ones that do usually say something like "You sound like a great guy but I'm looking for a taller man" blah blah blah.

I don't want to lie on my profile but after sending hundreds of emails and trying three dating sites (, Lava Life, Cupid Junction), I just want to give up. I didn't have any luck with the club/bar scene, and it seems all my friends/family seem to only know single women who are taller than me and not interested in me so I decided to try online dating; but it only seems to mirror my club/bar experiences.

If people see you're concerned about it, then that may make them concerned about it too.If you need help expressing yourself, try one of these services.However, if you're already a good writer then remember to be positive in your profile.Before getting to my response, you should probably know that men of regular height have many frustrations too with online dating.It's not unusual for great men and women to get frustrated with the online dating scene and take a short break away from it.

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